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Short Course and Workshops
9th International Materials Education Symposium

April 10-11, 2018

Optional short courses and workshops precede the main Materials Education Symposium.

Workshops to be announced.

CES EduPack Short Course

When: April 10 (9:30-17:00); April 11 (9:00-12:30)

Organiser: Granta Design

Cost: Full Event package includes this course, the Symposium, and any Wednesday Workshop.

Note: attendees will need to bring their own laptop computers for the hands-on sessions, and will be provided with the new CES EduPack software. Please ensure this is a Windows machine and that you have administrator privileges.

Who is the course for?

Anyone new to the CES EduPack teaching resources, or seeking a refresher. Professors, Lecturers, and Program Directors of university and college courses related to materials and manufacturing.  The course is relevant to the following disciplines: mechanical engineering; production engineering; aerospace engineering; materials science and engineering; industrial and product design; polymer science and engineering; eco-engineering; chemical engineering; bio-engineering; and architecture and the built environment.

What is the course about?

CES EduPack has been created by Professor Mike Ashby of Cambridge University and his colleagues over the past 20 years. Both the resources that it provides and the ideas that it implements are valuable to educators across a broad range of engineering-related courses, and from first to final-year teaching. They have been used to support and reinforce existing courses that use a variety of teaching approaches and texts, as well as in the design of new courses.

The course will show, through lectures interspersed with hands-on tutorial sessions using the software, how such resources can assist materials teaching.

  • Learn about a highly visual, interactive and systematic material selection methodology
  • Discover how to support the teaching of Eco Design and Sustainability from a materials perspective
  • Find out about material selection with conflicting criteria (eg. cost, mass, and performance)
  • Get one month's access to all CES EduPack databases and editions.

Outline Agenda

April 10, Day OneIntroduction to CES EduPack

09:30 Registration & refreshments
10:00 Course opens—Welcome
10:05 Introductions, Granta's Education Hub and Agenda Review
10:15 Unit 1-2: Materials, Data and Charts for CES EduPack
11:15 Hands-on exercises
11:40 Unit 4: Manipulating Properties: composition, microstructure, architecture
12:15 Hands-on exercises
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Unit 7: Materials Selection
14:30 Hands-on exercises
15:00 Coffee & refreshments
15:30 Unit 12: Eco design and the Eco Audit Tool: introducing students to life-cycle thinking
16:15 Hands-on exercises
16:45 Advanced CES EduPack Databases: Standard Level 3, Bioengineering, Polymer Aerospace and Sustainable Development
17:15 Wrap up & discussion. Course evaluation.
17:30 Close

April 11, Day Two
Advanced Materials Selection

09:00 Registration & refreshments
09:30 Course opens—Welcome. Brief review of Day 1
09:45 Unit 8: Objectives in Conflict
10:15 Hands-on exercises
10:30 Advanced Industrial Case Studies
11:30 The Synthesizer tool
12:15 Wrap up & discussion. Course evaluation.
12:30 Lunch
13.15 Registration for parallel workshop sessions