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Materials Education Symposia: Advisory Committee

The Symposia are co-ordinated by Granta Design with the support of the academic advisory committee and supporting organizations.

The Advisory Committee have issued a call for abstracts »

Committee Member Affiliation(s) Link to website
Prof David Cebon (IMES 2020 Chair) University of Cambridge, UK Here »
Prof John Abelson University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA Here » 
Prof Diran Apelian Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US Here » 
Prof Yves Brechet INP, Grenoble, France Here » 
Prof Rudolph Buchheit The Ohio State University, US Here »
Dr Tim Bullough University of Liverpool, UK Here »
Prof Seh Chun Lim Singapore University of Technology and Design Here » 
Prof Bill Clyne University of Cambridge, UK Here »
Prof David Embury McMaster University, Canada Here »
Mr Marc Fry (IMES 2020 and NAMES 2020 Secretary) ANSYS Granta, UK Here »
Prof Peter Goodhew University of Liverpool, UK Here  » 
Prof Trevor Harding Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, US Here »
Dr Ronald Kander Philadelphia University, US Here »
Prof Suk Joong L. Lang KAIST, Korea Here »
Prof Ke Lu National Laboratory for Materials Science, P.R. China Here »
Prof Kiyoshi Okada Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan Here »
Prof Christine Ortiz Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US Here » 
Dr Noel Rutter Monash University, Australia Here  »
Prof S. Ranganathan Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India Here »
Dr Hugh Shercliff Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK Here » 
Dr Matthew Sherburne                    University of California, Berkeley, US Here » 
Prof Richard Sisson Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US Here » 
Prof Baode Sun Shanghai Jiao Tong University, P.R. China Here » 
Prof John Wang National University of Singapore Here »
Prof Alexander Wanner Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany Here » 
Prof Sybrand van der Zwaag TU Delft, Netherlands Here »
Professor Liu Hanxing Wuhan University of Technology, P. R. China Here »
Prof. Steve Yalisove (NAMES 2020 co-chair) University of Michigan, USA Here »
Prof. Elizabeth Holm Carnegie Mellon University, USA Here »
Prof. Paloma Fernández Sánchez Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain Here »
Prof. Evan Reed Stanford University, USA Here »
Dr. Alison Polasik Campbell University, USA Here »
Dr. Cynthia Waters North Carolina A&T State University, USA Here »
Prof. Chris Pistorius Carnegie Mellon University, USA Here »
Prof. Robert Heard Carnegie Mellon University, USA Here »